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Jeremy Reitzel is an Artist and Musician from NE Ohio.  Reitzel has been a musician for the past 25 years under the moniker Links Last Moment (

He is launching his art career with a prolific world of  weird and wonderful  ballpoint pen art in 2021 with lots of events in the works. He also is playing solo under his name now and can be seen frequently in NE Ohio.

The Polynesian/European artist focuses on metaphysical, macabre, surreal, fantasy, sci-fi, gothic and absurdist styles.  He works with automatic drawing  and spirit medium co-creative techniques.  

His work touches on personal experience with mental illness, physical and sexual abuse and family trauma as well as the empowerment of integration and healing, learning to love yourself and the power of positive thought.   Reitzel hopes to bring attention to these difficult subjects and create a safe dialogue for victims of all types of trauma and abuse.  

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Jeremy Reitzel is primarily self-taught and has his own approach to - and definition of - art. He studied creative writing at the Ohio State University and brings a writers veiwpoint to a visual art.  He believes in constantly taking risks and believes that inspiration can be found wherever you look.  Prints are now available at Purple Haze Smoke Shop in Brunswick, Ohio.  More stores coming soon

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Medina, Ohio 44256


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